You've Got Mail! Ignore My Email at Your Own Risk
You’ve Got Mail! Just 22 years ago in 1992—a time that even some Millennials remember—America fell in love with something new we called email. It was mesmerizing,  READ MORE
Jack Speer

Jack Speer

Carol Kallendorf

Carol Kallendorf



Exploring the "Imposter Syndrome" - It's One of the Most Important Questions You'll Ever Answer
You’ve experienced one of those people, haven’t you, that swaggers into a room like an imitation Donald Trump—just lacking the thinning dyed blonde comb-over hair.   They have a  READ MORE
The Two Key Factors of Teams:  The Effectiveness of the Team  . . . and the Team’s Window of Opportunity
Building an effective team with your organization comes in two parts, one obvious and other less so. READ MORE
Managing Your Mind - The Key to Everything Else
Think about it. If you can’t manage what’s going on up in your head, you can’t manage your job, your team, or your world. Managing your mind is the key  READ MORE
What About the Old Advice, "Don't Reinvent the Wheel?"  Is it Stupid or Smart?
Who hasn’t heard this old piece of advice – “Don’t reinvent the wheel!”  You can certainly make a case for not reinventing the wheel. The fundamentals of the wheel have literally  READ MORE
How Much of You are You Using?  Your Power is Your Self-concept
How much of you are you using? You see it every day, don’t you?  There are so many people who are not as capable or intelligent as you are, but they continue  READ MORE
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